A Granville Pit Stop

From the look of the picture it looks like any other small American town right? Well in retrospect it is. The reason why I was here is because I volunteered to take my daughter to her grandparents house (they live 2 1/2 hours away from us) and since I have not gotten a chance to do much with my daughter this summer or go any where for that fact. I made this trip; a trip to stretch out a 2.5 drive into an adventure. I had asked my ex's mom if there was anything to do in their neck of the woods that was a simple stop along the way and she did suggest a few places but they were not jiving with what I had in mind. So she mentioned this little town and little did I realize that it is home to one of the biggest designers in the fabric/sewing/quilting world. Yep, what I thought would be a cute little town to see quaint shops and have lunch at is also the hometown of Amy Butler of Amy Butler Designs. This folks is Granville, Ohio and it is such a lovely little town! As I was looking up of what to do and see in Granville, I was very surprised to see at the top of the list was Amy Butler Designs. So yes, I was thrilled to see if this was Amy's personal store. Well let me tell ya its not, matter of fact there was no sign on the building. From what I could tell it looked like someone's home/personal studio. So please don't go barging down on the door! But I did find a store called the Green Velvet that carried a few of Amy's fabrics and patterns. Well, you cannot stop in on Amy Butler's hometown and not buy something of hers, right? Oh, my daughter picked out the fabric here. I am trying to figure out what to make of it.

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