Quilter's Start Your Wordless Wednesday!

Wordless Wednesday, a photo by Gable House Sewing By Jennifer O. on Flickr. I know its Tuesday but... Yep that right! When you seriously have nothing to write about but have a ton of pictures stored about and want to share them. Well, now you can! Not that you could not do this before but hey why not on Wednesday. I am not the first one to start this here in blogland but I thought I just take it up an own on promoting a Quilter's Wordless Wednesday! I say, why not! We have a W.I.P (Work In Progress) Wednesday. Lets face it I know summer is more than half way over but still most of us are not really working on anything at the moment. So why not show off what we really are doing and let the pictures do all the talking. Besides if your readers really what to know the story behind the cartoon pictures they can ask right? Not to mention its also good way to connect with your readers too! So here are the rules! Yes, there are rules but they are easy to follow!

Quilter's Wordless Wednesday Rules. Since I am assuming that we all are mature enough to know that any form of porn, violence and so on is bad. No one really wants to see it so please keep photos clean! Its no crime to show of family, friends, pets, nature, oddities, and oh yes, your own quilts! How are well going to keep being inspired if we don't see other quilter's work! Good humor is more than welcome! Along with really adorable moments and those moments of amazement or Ah ha too! Try to keep it at the most 10 photos per post. And if you must and I must post more go to FotoFlexer.com which is free to use. (No I am not sponsored by them or promoting them!) Can make yourself a colleague like this one I ended up using for my Memorial Day post. Okay so now you know those are the rules! Now go have some fun! Who knows you might find your inner photographer!

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