People are Amazing to Me

It is amazing to me when tragedy happens you really learn who is a take and who is a giver. I am sure some of you remember the Photo Album lady. Well my friend and I who she sued... my friend's husband is the one who passed away. It amazes me that someone can sue you for something as silly as a photo album but then think it isn't going to affect the friendship with those she sued. I won't go into more detail b/c I know she stalks this blog. Just dumb founded at #1. Why would you use your friends and #2. Why you would think that your now non friends aren't going to be upset with you. I shake my head while I type this b/c I am in shock over the illogical thinking. Then with my friends baby getting hurt I really learned who is a giver... I also learned this year that two people who I have known my entire life and who have known my family for 40 plus years are not so nice people. That was crushing. It is probably jealously... 

I can't come up with why anyone would act in the manner those two have. I guess the Green Monster got the best of them. It is a hard reality when people you trust are so awful. For example the foster home who gave away the dog I was allowing them to keep and lied about not knowing how everything worked with the rescue and is the one that was behind the fact that the dog was not returned. Just amazing to me the lies that come out of people's mouths. I think maybe they tell the lies so much they believe them? The strange thing about all this is looking back... I knew she was a liar. I just thought being and adult and having a child maybe she had grown out of the liar stage... I didn't know her as a child / teenage but you know how you just get a feeling about someone. I should have known better.

Puppy Help!

I just received an email that a women has a lab / boxer mix female and a male boxer neither are fixed and yesterday the female gave birth to 11 puppies. The women didn't know the dog was pregnant. Clearly someone needs to tell her where babies come from! So now I am looking for an emergency foster for 11 puppies and a mom. Help!

Easy Diet Tips

So its officially 2014 and most of us ladies kick start our year with the new years resolution that we're going to diet. Sadly there are statistics that show those who start their diets on the 1st of January fail however if you start on the 14th / 15th of January you are more likely to succeed with your weight loss plan. I have always been battling with my weight and I have tried every diet that I have read about in magazines. No carbs, maple syrup, soup only... yeah I lost weight quickly but it all comes back on as quickly as I lost it! I'm now just choosing to eat what I want but watching my portion sizes and snacks. I am a big snack lover! I cannot say no to a pack of crisps lol So here are some tips that I have learnt along the way which I have found to be really good when dieting: You must have breakfast whether its just a piece of fruit. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day so if you want a fry up have it for breakfast and be really good throughout the day; If you're hungry drink some water.
Water fills you up and it's good for you bonus. Alex Curran swears by taking a Sea Kelp supplement to stop her cravings during the day. You take 1 tablet before a meal and its meant to help you feel full quickly too. I take them and I think they work well. Nip+Fab do amazing creams for different target areas. I love the Tummy Fix and the Cellulite Fix creams. They help to tone the skin which is a lot easier than an hour down the gym; Green tea. I have always loved green tea and its great cleanser for your body. One cup in the morning will help to boost your metabolism and act as an antioxidant. Sniff vanilla. Smelling vanilla is proven to suppress your appetite so keep a tissue with vanilla drops in your handbag at all times; Eat apples. They will fill you up and they practically have no calories as your body works hard to digest the apple skin making it a free snack; Scrub scrub scrub. When you use a body scrub you are helping the blood circulation in your body so the more you scrub the healthier your skin looks and fatty tissues becomes less visible. Here are some useful websites:

Saturday Shorts

This sort of goes with the month of November and October / Halloween thing. I Remember Stupid Things. Aunt Mable? Like when Aunt Mable lost her face, and how we got on hands and knees, but couldn't find it anyplace. And how she goes without a nose, how on her head there's just a hat. And it's all true, I swear. For I remember stupid things like that. Enjoy your weekend - no matter what the weather. Happy Sweetest Day to all you Sweeties!