A Granville Pit Stop Continues

There is also a really cute ice cream parlor a few doors down from the Green Velvet. Where we had a cup of raspberry brownie swirl ice cream to cool off with. Oh yes, we did eat lunch before hand at Greek Eats. And I have to say that they served the best gyro and french fries to date! Once we were all Grandvilled out we headed onward to my ex's parents. And along the way we passed this amazing structure. As far as I know to date the Longaberger Basket Building is the largest basket in the world. I believe this is their corporate head quarters. So yes, what a cool office building to go to work in. My daughter gets a kick out of it every time she sees it. Plus if we are going this way she knows she is almost to her grandparents house. And some where in between all that traveling we stopped at a Jo-Ann's too. I ended up buying the trio marking ruler set (with 50% off coupon) and two more. 25 yards of DS Designs fabric. I only need one more colorway from that collection and I will be happy as a lark to be done buying it. Maybe not, I might pick up the greens and blues to make something for my daughter. In the end a crazy little trip went okay and my daughter was safely delivered to her grandparents. Thank you mom for tagging along but next time I am driving!

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