Another busy Week

I've found in retirement anything out of the routine schedule seems much bigger than before my retirement. I hate that. I'm going to have to clean my bathroom and dust in the same day and I feel pressured. We have company arriving tomorrow from Wichita Falls, TX and Denver. I thought they were arriving on Wednesday but I was wrong. They're arriving on Tuesday, thus the pressure. We're going to see if we can cool off those Texans. I'm a little disappointed that it looks like temperatures will be in the low eighties. I would have preferred high seventies, but I suppose when you've been having temperatures well over one hundred for days on end the low eighties will be fine. They're in such a drought in Texas they will enjoy seeing how green things are in Oregon. Even though we've been here seven years I never tire of seeing the beautiful hanging baskets everywhere you go here. They're so refreshing. This is a picture I made last summer but I don't have time this morning to run out and make new ones. Remember, I have to clean the bathroom and dust today. On Main street in our town they have double hangers on the lamp posts with two of these hanging on each post. How about petunias in August? Have a good week. I probably won't be around until after my company leaves on Friday.

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